Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Work has been busier than ever. Just as well that I love work and its an amazing bar to work in! I thought I would share with you some photos and a bit of info about the bar.

Welcome to Experience Bar, Hotel Es Vive.

This bar is sponsored by Smirnoff. They liaised with the owners of the hotel about what sort of look they were trying to achieve. Something luxurious, stylish and glam that says Smirnoff without over branding. Above is the DJ box. We have had some crazy parties in here!

This wallpaper was specially made for the bar. Its is silver birch trees. I think it looks quite cool. Smirnoff is filtered through silver birch coals. Just in case you are wondering!

More wallpaper made especially for the bar. It is a bit difficult to see but they have taken the Smirnoff logo and put it in a repeat pattern.

Shiny disco ball!

I love this room with all the twinkly lights. I remember when they put it up. Very time consuming. They had to paint over each tiny light bulb as the lights were too bright.

So worth the time though as the effect is stunning.

Well if you are ever in Ibiza come and say hi.

Ciao for now!


PaperBabe - Kim said...

Looks wonderful and never knew about the silver birch! HuGs Kim x
Cu very soon!

kim-paperbabe said...

Happy Birthday sweetie I have a vid on my blog for you! Mwah love you , chat later have a great Day lots of love
Kim x

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